Purcell Timber Frames covers all aspects of home building and design. From lodges to craftsman style family homes, bungalows, cabins, chalets, urban lofts, vacation houses, modern & contemporary houses, timeless cottages, ski & golf resorts, beach houses, passive solar, multi family town homes, and pure mountain dwellings, we bring these homes to life. Purcell Timber Frames can build and install our homes anywhere. Choose from our prefab home designs in our Catalogue Collection or let's get started on your Custom Home Design to fit your lifestyle and real estate site perfectly.  Contact us in Nelson BC Canada for more information.




Based in the beautiful Kootenay mountains of Nelson BC, we live within the valleys of Douglas Fir, Cedar and many other wood species. We have formed a relationship with the forests in these mountains, playing, skiing and hiking amongst the trees and working with the wood.  For us, it is not only about our product, but equally about the lifestyle we create, for both us the builder and you the owner living within. Our mission is to be sustainable with nature while creating state of the Art natural homes that perform with the elements. It is our intention that your Purcell built home will endure and support a healthy inspiring lifestyle for you and your generations to come.


We build prefabricated full home packages featuring exposed post and beam timber frames brightly kissed with large expanses of glass windows, clad and finished with stone, metal and select fine woods. Our enclosure envelopes consist of the highest insulation per inch vented roof system and pre fabricated wall panels built to meet any R value or structural requirement. We can equip any house with its own alternative power system by utilizing solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, geo thermal, and wood fire energies. Our designs are sophisticated and detailed - maximizing the full value of all materials featured within the home. Read more about our style which is really best known simply as "Purcell Architecture".



Purcell Timber Frames works primarily with BC Douglas Fir, sought after for it's excellent engineered strength and exceptional beauty. Western Red Cedar is another common wood for Purcell Timber Frame homes famous for it's superior resistance to the weather. We also offer our products in many other wood species to meet your particular needs. We always have FSC Eco Certified wood and always encourage its use. We stock recycled timber from old buildings and harvest dead standing trees when available. Our wood is dried either by kiln, natural dead stand or a minimum 3 year air process, resulting in a very stable finished product.


We have a detailed product line that is vast and full of individual components for all aspects of a home, both inside and out. Timber frame brackets, skirt roofs, entryways, roof systems, porches, decks, balconies, living rooms, feature rooms, carports, greenhouses and saunas, right through to interior stairs, railings and finished wood architectural details. By joining timber frame components to any conventional frame we can create a "timber frame hybrid" featuring timber frame elements in key places only where appreciated most.



Purcell Timber Frame home packages are designed and pre crafted to the highest standard of joinery and building techniques with complete accuracy and attention-to-detail. Our products are test fit, pre-oiled and packaged for world-wide shipping (including within Canada, US, Australia, Europe, Central & South America, Japan and Iceland). We have professional specialized Purcell installation crews ready to install your house package on your site in BC and Alberta. We've completed several homes in the Kootenays and Victoria region of Vancouver Island - see our Gallery. Please contact Purcell Timber Frames and have us help craft your dreams into reality.